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English Language


Conducted On:

15th May 11:00 AM
Chapter 1- Sentence Elements lecture-2
Chapter 1- Sentence Elements lecture-2

Conducted On:

14th May 11:00 AM

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Chapter 1- Sentence Elements lecture-1
Chapter 1- Sentence Elements lecture-1

Conducted On:

3rd Apr 11:00 AM

Complete Grammar Batch-1 Plans & Packages


Complete Grammar

₹9999/- ₹3999/- 60.01%

Batch start date: Wednesday, 15th May 2019

85+ Hours of Online Video classes of approx 1 Hour each.

Doubt clearing sessions every Week.

Complete course on English Grammar and Vocab covering all Competitive Exams.

Live Classes & Videos can be played on Web and App both

A Video can be played for approx. 180 minutes (Max. video play time = 3 times the length of the video).

Mock Tests - Banking, Railway & SSC

₹ 999/-

Attempt Mock Tests for Banking, Railway & SSC

Coming Soon For Non Yuwam Students.

Course Highlights


85+ Online Virtual Classes

85+ Online Virtual Classes. Each class of 1 huors. Session recording will be provided for all live classes.


Classroom Environment

Classes are designed to provide you personalized learning experience and allow interactions between aspirants & teachers.


Doubt Clearing Sessions

Discussion board and live doubt clearing sessions will be conducted every Week to resolve every single doubt you may have.


Personalized Mentoring

1-to-1 regular interaction sessions with our expert mentors offer unparalleled test preparedness

Course details:

S.No Session Name Number of Hours
1 Grammar 85+
2 Vocab 60+
3 Total 145+

2000+ High level words, One word substitute

Course Start Date: 15th May 2019

The Role of English in Career

People often form their first impression of your educational background, of your ability and intelligence, perhaps even of your personality from the level of your language you speak, words you use, the way you pronounce the words.

The ability to speak or talk is one of the greatest gifts conferred on mankind by the creator. Your ability to communicate your thoughts and ideas effectively is extremely important to climb up the ladder of success and reach the top. All the successful people have one thing common, i.e. the art of expressing themselves eloquently and effectively. Hence, good communication is the key to success.

We generally express our ideas, concepts, feelings, desires, etc. through a language and in today’s globlised world, English language has assumed great importance world wide. There is no segment of society in which English language is not used for written and spoken purpose. It has become the language of interviews, discussions, debates, and meetings. It is most widely used language in offices, educational institutes and social gatherings.

Today knowledge of English language is widely recognized as a key skill which boosts employability. That is why, it is also called the job language. According to McKinsey & co. study, only 13% of graduates from emerging countries are suitable for employment in global companies. Obviously, one of the reasons is lack of good knowledge of English. So, young people having a good knowledge of English with an ability to write and speak correct and impressive English are likely to have more chances to get selected for a lucrative job than their peers do. As per a report published by NCAER, people who speak English fluently earn up to 34% more than those who don’t. So people who wish to be successful in their professional career should acquire good knowledge of written and spoken English. A decent knowledge of English language can work wonders for anyone - whether a student, a professional, an employee or a businessman. It pays to have good command of English. Your investment of time and money to learn English language will never go waste.

Course Module-I : Complete Grammar
Course Module-II : Advanced Level Words

High Level Vocabulary:

2000+ advanced level words with their synonyms, antonyms, meaning in English/Hindi, and their uses in sentences. Important one word substitute with meaning.

Idioms & Phrases:

This part provides you the correct meaning and use of various Idioms and Phrases, Phrasal verbs for competitive exams and will certainly help you enhance your English skills.

Our Mentors:


Man Singh Shekhawat

(English Grammar)
  • Director , Yuwam Education Pvt Ltd. 
  • He has 40 years of rich teaching experience and has written about 15 books on English language and vocabulary so far. 
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